Comparison Of Different Type Of Security System:

The Security System is used mainly in flats to protect their belongings to avoid theft. New York is one of the countries which are famous in using the Security System. The second country which is most popular in using Security System than New York is the Canada. The Security System comes in two forms, one is wired form and the other is wireless form. The wired form Security System is the firstly introduced form of Security System. This type of Security System is known as wired Security System. This wired Security System has been used for decades. They consist of transformer, back up battery, keypad, alarm and main control panel. They require wire to connect the alarm devices to control panel of power. If there is any damage in the wire are if it is not connected well or if its end gets messed up then the Security System won’t work properly. This is the main drawback of using wired Security System. In case of wireless Security System, it consists of same components of the wired system. The only difference between the wired and wireless Security System is that the wireless Security System do not need any kind of wire to connect the alarm devices to control panel of power.