Components Which Form The Basis Of The Security System:

The Security System consists of electronic components.  There are mainly used for security purpose. The Security System consists of five main parts. The CAN is the main component of the security system. CAN is the main control unit which consist of CAN bus check, authorization, alarm and control.  The CAN bus requires only 2 wires to connect other parts of the nodes. These two wires are CANH and CANL. The next part is door strike node which gets triggered when someone knocks the door. The next part is zone sensor node which detects the knocks for a particular distance. It only detects the sound for the preset distance only. Keypad node is used to get the input from the keypad and use it as the password.  The final part is the alarm or sounder unit, this unit consist of alarm, sirens, stroke light and buzzer for alarming purpose. They get triggered only when the control unit sends a signal to it. The working of the Security System is that when someone knocks the door, the door strike node detects the sound with the help of zone sensor node and sends a trigger to the main control unit. This control unit produces an alarm sound. This is the working process of the Security System.